1 cabbage, finely sliced (organic if possible)

2-4 tbsps Himalayan or Celtic Salt

1 tbsp Caraway seeds (organic if possible)

3-4L Glass jar with a wide lid


Place a quarter of the shredded cabbage into the glass jar followed by 1 tbsp of salt and half of the caraway seeds.

Start pressing down on the mixture with a potato masher or wooden spoon until liquid starts to appear. the cabbage will also reduce in size.

Add another quarter of the shressed cabbage and 1 tbsp of salt and repeat the process until all of the cabbage and caraway seeds are in the jar.

It is very important that the liquid covers all of the cabbage. If there is not enough and you have added all 4 tbsps of salt you can add some purified water until the cabbage is completely submerged.

Cover with a muslin cloth and let it sit on your kitchen bench for 1-2 weeks to ferment.

Make sure you push the cabbage back under the liquid every day to prevent harmful bacteria and moulds growing on the surface.

After 1 week taste the sauerkraut. It should be salty and sour. If it is not sour you can continue to ferment it until you have reached the desired taste.

Store refridgerated for up to 6 months in the liquid.